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Manuscript Heimskringla Snorri Sturluson


The Viking Sagas is a series of books that are based primarily on the Icelandic royal sagas and several family sagas that takes place during the Viking Age and involve mainly Norse history but also the countries around the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic islands, including the east coast of North America/Vinland.

The Viking sagas book project was started by Thor Holvila due to that Norse history remains unknown to a larger audience, mainly because a large part has been untranslated from Icelandic and Norwegian language. 

The plot in the Icelandic sagas revolves either around a person or a family and contains no dates and very little information about parallel events. The work has therefore mainly been focused on research, translation and the time-consuming work of putting all the stories along a timeline. Something no one has done before and which would not have been possible without the great access that exists today with internets access to sources and modern archaeology, etymology and dissertations on history.  

To that has been added the work of maps, illustrations and the presentation of the dramatic events in a narrative form that is as true as possible to the sources.

The first book "The Battle of Hals" was published in 2023 and will be followed by "The Battle of Hedeby" in 2024. The following books will then not necessarily be told in chronological order as there are over 300 years to be told and covered from the 9th to the 11th century .


The Viking Sagas is written and illustrated by the artist and debut author Thor Holvila. Thor has been borned in to Nordic history since childhood and has grown up on the west coast of Sweden and therefore knows by person many of the places where the stories took place. He has also undertaken trips to Norway, Iceland, Norrland, Denmark, Germany, Finland and England to acquire more knowledge and visit the relevant locations in order to reproduce the action of the books as believably as possible. He even learned how to sail onboard the ship replica "Götheborg" to learn the landscape and the waterways of the historic persons for whom this was home.

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